Our story

In 2015, three entrepreneurs with a passion for 3D and innovation will join forces behind a new idea. How can we make 3D printing more accessible to SMEs? With that idea Cr3do was born. A new story for founders Jens RaskinKristof Phillipaerts and Wouter Vandenneucker.

At the end of 2015, Cr3do was no longer a project but a real company. Crowned the winner of “best starter in Limburg” and “Student Startup of the Year” it turned out that the entire SME market was a bit big to conquer in one go. Cr3do made the choice to focus mainly on the Architectural sector. 3D Visualisations and Models would be the first spearheads of Cr3do.

From September 2016, one project after another followed for project developers, architects and other companies. At the request of the customer, Cr3do further developed to not only make visuals and models, but also commercial floor plans and websites.

Today, Cr3do distinguishes itself by specifically highlighting the story of the home or site and combining this with our SMART solutions. We do this in renders, 360 ° visualisations, 3D models, websites, commercial floor plans and interactive configurations.

And what will we do tomorrow? We do have some ideas.
Feel like working on this with us?


Wouter Vandenneucker
Wouter VandenneuckerManager
Kristof Philippaerts
Kristof PhilippaertsCAD Designer
Tom Truyens
Tom Truyens3D Artist
Eline Bottelbergs
Eline Bottelbergs3D Artist
Chiel Saro
Chiel Saro3D Artist
Dieter Vroonen
Dieter VroonenModel builder
Piet Vanherle
Piet VanherleModel builder