Met een maquette geef je de kandidaat koper direct een duidelijk overzicht van je project. Afhankelijk van de omvang en het detail dat je wenst kies je voor een andere schaal….

Below an overview of the most common scales:

1/50: Used primarily for solo buildings.

1/100: Standard scale.

1/200: Used primarily for larger sites or allotments.

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With lighting you give your model a greater wow-effect. This can be applied in various ways. For example, you have interior lighting, but outdoor lighting is also possible in the form of street lighting or garden lighting. The lighting can be switched on / off by means of a simple switch.

Naast standaard verlichting bieden onze SMART-maquettes ook slimme verlichting aan waarbij je per unit kan zien wat de status is (Te koop – in optie – verkocht). Meer info hierover kan je terugvinden bij onze SMART-models.

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Our models are largely made through 3D printing. The structure is drawn on the basis of your .dwg files and 3D printed. This ensures that each building is accurate to within 0.1 mm as well as being very sturdy and durable. The manual work that you encounter with classic models is largely replaced by high-end 3D prints.

Only the finish and environment of a model is done manually. But here too we use machines such as laser cutters that, like our 3D printers, can cut to an accuracy of 0.1 mm.

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Bij ons kan u kiezen uit verschillende soorten onderstellen voor uw maquette afhankelijk van de look die u wenst. Zo kan u kiezen voor een ‘klassiek’ onderstel op wieltjes of een strakker metalen frame.

With classic bases you also choose from different materials so you can give a personal touch to your project.

Does the model have to be moved regularly? Or should she be able to pass through narrow openings such as a lift or single door? This is not an issue for one of our removable bases. 

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